The conda mambabuild command#

Boa comes with an extension to conda build: the conda mambabuild command. It replaces the conda solver with the faster mamba solver. To learn more about mamba, visit the mamba documentation.

There are some benefits:

  1. Faster solve speed: for complicated environments, mamba is significantly faster than conda and will speed up builds.

  2. Better error messages: when you have an un-solvable environment, conda will print a large error message that is often hard to decipher. Mamba prints something that is easier to understand.

  3. Full compatibility with existing recipes and the conda-build command line arguments – since we’re “monkeypatching” conda-build and only replace the solver part

To use conda mambabuild, just install boa and call conda mambabuild with the same arguments that would be used with conda build (replacing build with mambabuild).

For example:

$ conda mambabuild libsolv -m libsolv/.ci_support/linux_64_.yaml --no-test

Please refer to the conda-build documentation to learn about all the command line arguments that can be used.